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GROW - 2022-2023

A projectionmapping and dance performance about climate change. Where absurd expressions helps us reconnect with nature. 

About Pommepai

Pommepai, also known as Astrid Mork-Knutsen, has directed and showcased several indie projects.

Her speciality is a mix between analogue and digital techiques, often exploring experimental animation and projectionmapping. 

As art-director she strives to build a great team culture with empasis on trust. Her skills include project management, teambuilding and aesthetic leadership. 

In 2024 she will finish her post-graduate degree in cultural leadership. 

Outis - 2021

Stop Motion short film about a poet with a wirters block. As she tries to find the truth behind her struggles, she discovers the reason why she can't write is because she is not real. 

Lockdown Paris -2020

An animated documentary about the Lockdown in Paris during the COVID 19 outbreak in 2020. This production was made during lockdown from march untill july 2020

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