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Projectionmapping and Dance

We wanted to make a unique audience experience. Animation and dace is movement in its purest form. They bring out the beauty in eachother. 

A collaboration with coreographers  Carl André Johansson and Aurora Itland

Theme and explorations 

In our time, climate change will always be our biggest adversary. We wanted to make something inspired by nature, the beauty, the wildness and the fragileness. We wanted to explore the conflict between construction and nature, destruction and creation.  

I vår tid vil klimaendringene alltid være vår største motstander. Vi ønsket å lage noe inspirert av naturen, skjønnheten, villskapen og skjørheten. Vi ønsket å utforske konflikten mellom konstruksjon og natur, ødeleggelse og skaperverk.

blått løv 03.png
trapp uten bg.png

We wanted to find the right way to express these ideas and notions. It was great to be able to explore many avenues for storytelling.

I settled on two main motifs, that became symbols throughout the performance. Construction is shown as stairs, ladders and columns. Nature is shown as the sea and leafs. The asphalt is a symbol of the fight. The asphalt suffocates the eart. But dandilions and ice break up the asphalt over time. 

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