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I moved to Paris February 3rd, and school started the next day. I was looking forward to go to all the museums, bookshops, cafés and art-workshops. I was so excited to be able to brag about the four months I went to art-school in Paris, like every idealist cliché ever! 

However the coronavirus wanted it otherwise. On the 12th of March 2020 came an announcement from the Norwegian government that all international students were urged to return, and especially students in Italy, Spain and France since the virus had spread more out of control in these countries. I was furious that I couldn't stay, and also afraid of loosing the semester I had worked so hard to get. It was to my great relief that ENSAD continued all my courses online.  And thus began my online adventure.

ENSAD - École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs à Paris is knows as one of the top art schools. There are several reasons why I chose to apply to this school for my Erasmus semester abroad from Volda. First and foremost, because it's french. I used to live in France from 2014 until 2017 where I finished my baccalauréat. I have been longing to go back ever since. Another reason why I wanted to go to ENSAD is because it's an art school. In Volda, animation is part of the media department. I wanted to get the experience of seeing animation through the lens of an art school, because in Volda we tend to focus more on media.

My current projects at ENSAD are:


Carnet de Voyage
A short film project about an experience abroad, like a travel diary. 


Préparation à la Réalisation
Preparing and planning a final production. In my case this will be my bachelor movie in Volda for the spring 2021. 

Dramaturgie et mouvement
A shortfilm about opposing forces, either in communication or conflict. One of the important notions of the shortfilm is the cinematic space.

Phénomènes Musicales
An abstract shortfilm made to fit a piece of music crated by composers at the Conservatoire de Paris. 

Studio Son
Create a soundscape installation

Acting for animation and corporal expression

Studio Imaginaire et Narration
World building, making a world from scratch.


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