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Cité Fermée

Paris, March 14th I find myself glued to the screen to hear what Macron has to say. Earlier that day, the Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg has decided to put Norway in a lockdown, will Macron do the same? I had to return to Norway before the boarders closed, and this became my project for the next five months:
 a glimpse of the strong and beloved city, closed and empty. Paris has never seen any defeat like this one. 
The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020

OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Rare Disease Film Festival - Berlin - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Festival Internacional de Cine La Perla - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - China International Green Film Week - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - East Northeast - 2020 (1).png
Official Selection b.png
bygning animasjon.png

The lockdown left the city empty, I wanted to portray this in some way. The absence of life is equally terrifying and peaceful.

bg søppel.png

This panel is called L'empreinte which means print/footprint or trace. This is because this is a trace of somebody that has been here before and left their mark on the wall. We can see that the grafitti spells "Distance Sociale" and there is a crown in the S. The crown is of course a symbol for Corona. 

Here you can se the construction site of Notre Dame, that burned april 2019. When I made this panel, it was almost exactly one year later in 2020. I considered the fire at Notre Dame as a bad omen. Later I learned that the tower that fell was supposed to protect Paris from plague according to superstition. In this Panel we can also see the padlocks, but here they symbolise that you are locked out of the construction. You cant go to work, everything has to wait. 

BG animasjon00000.png

The Structure of the film is based on a day in quarantine. In the moring the birds wake up, you drink your coffee. Then you can't go to work, unless you work in a health profession etc. So you end up counting ambulances and looking out your window. The parks are empty. The afternoon creeps in, and you can't stop working, because your boss is trying to contact you on your phone. The night comes and the time flys by and you didn't do anything today, and the only window to the outside are books and paintings.  


Somebody is reading La Peste By Albert Camus

Si Calme 
Le bruit d'une ville vide

Le silence du temoin invisible 

Ici bas

le murmure du vent

le seul soufle de vie dans les espaces

personne ne sort, car la vie n'est plus.
Je ne suis plus.


jour 37
Astrid E. Mork-Knutsen


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