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Chaos & Cosmos

In myths and religious texts everything starts exnihilo, from nothing. This vast emptiness is called Chaos and is often described as an endless dark ocean. Eternal dark voids are uncomfortable for us to image, so we tend to not think about it. We get anxious, and uneasy when we think about the edges of space. But what if the god of divine law and order lost and caved into the dark chaos? What if the world didn't start exnihilo, but build on the ruins of the fall of law and order? This film is a symbolic tale inspired by old myths, where order is an architect, constructing his world one cube at the time. What brings life is not construction, but destruction. 

Skjermbilde 3.PNG
Skjermbilde 2.PNG

I used symetry as a way of comunicating the sense of order and chaos. When we se order comfortable in his realm, everything is symetrical, when chaos shows up, the scene is asymetrical. 

I was inspired by this Tarot Card of the emperor from The Fountain Tarot, designed by Andy Todaro

The emperor i tarot represents authority, establishment, structure, domination, control, inflexibility and strength. He is the embodiment of law and order. 

The cubes, to me, symbolises mathematics which is the ultimate order in the universe. 

Order became a red character with a fixed shape. 

Chaos is the ocean because it is without form, and it can transform. It's eternal and limitless, unlike order that stays within the frame.

Skjermbilde nettside 3 (1).PNG
Skjermbilde nettside 2 (1).PNG
Skjermbilde nettside.PNG
Skjermbilde nettside 4 (1).PNG

In the end the world is in ruins, but the sea is calm. The roles have been reversed.

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