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Tools and equipment I use daily for art and animation

Here are some of the tools and equipment I use everyday. I have only listed the producst I truly love and would recomend my friends.

this page uses affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you use these links to purchase something. It will not affect the price of the item, but it will help me out. Thank you!


Traditional art and animation

Prismacolor Col-erase pencils in blue and red has made normal pencils obsolete for me. I love these pecils because they are brigt and pigmentet, but super easy to erase! I use them for sketching, and they dont bleed in watercolour. They don't smudge.

 A light-table is super versitile. You can clean up skretches, make traditional frame by frame paper animations and so much more. I use my lighttable a lot when I paint with watercolour. I can sketh on a diferent paper, and then transfer the skreth to the watercolour paper by using the lighttable. The lamp is adjustable is strong enough to shine through heavy and thick paper as well as flimsy thin sketching paper. 

Digital art and animaton

I've had my wacom mobile studio pro for four years now, and I can't imagine how I would have survived without it. When I was a student the mobile studio pro was the best option for me. It works as a computer, is portable and has an overall amazing quality. Now that I don't move my workstation around multiple times a day I might invest in a cintique, but if you're an artist on the go- this is a great tool. It dosen't come with any additional equipment, so I've listed the wireless keyboard I use. 

I bought my iPad mini on sale, and the sole reason I wanted it was to paint in procreate. And I love it. I use this iPad all the time, it is super portable and lightweight! It fits in my medium size bags and small backpacks. Procreate is a dream to work in if you love painting digitally. 

I've used both these cameras for artprojects and filmmaking. Before I purchased either I consultet my brother who used to work for a camera-rewiev-website. And these are the best cameras for my needs. The Sony RX 100 is the perfect compact camera, that still captures pictures with breathtaking quality. I bring this camera with me everywhere! The Nikon D7000 has been my companion since I was 15. And I love this camera so much. It takes great pictures in any lighting conditions and is comfortable to hold in your hands. It's surprisingly lightweight for a DSLR camera. The quality is outstanding. (I've listed a slightly newer model, but all the fuctions are the same, only slightly enhanced)



This is an amazing recorder! It's easy to use and adjust. The sound always comes out perfectly crisp and professional. I've used this many times for voice acting, foley, podcast/radio, voiceover and even soundscapes! I love that it is portable! I just bring it with me if I want to make a recording on the go for an interwiev, or capturing the sounds of nature. 

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